Tour of 97

From Left to Right

Backrow – (Coach) A. McCully , P. Snowling, T. Ferguson, K Baldrick, D. Black, T Goodall, G. Hull, M. Fenton, M. Doyle, B. Gutherie, (Coach) B.Campbell

Middle Row – K. Anderson, S. Kennedy, B.Murphy, B.Doyle, S. Colgan, N. Woods, A. Carson, A. Latten

Front Row – J. Law, A. McDowell, M. McEvoy, (Capt) D. Thompson, K. Malcomson, M. Duncan, A. Stevens



Toured Against:

Queen Kingston 6 – UUC 18

University Waterloo 3 – UUC 47

University of Ontario 9 – UUC 37

McMaster University 17 – UUC 28

Trent University 0 – UUC 39