Exiles – The Day Legends Are Made!

In the history of UUC Rugby one day a waits all its players of old and new, when once a year a unique event happens, a select membership off old players from UUC Rugby get the chance to to battle the youth of the current UUC Teams. It is a day in every players calendar they never want to miss, as this is the day Legends of UUC Rugby are made!

The line up for Exiles Dream Team

  1. Linsey ‘Phats’ McLaughlin
  2. Aaron ‘Baldy’ McLaughlin
  3. Neil ‘The Beast’ Robertson and ‘Big Eric’
  4. Gareth ‘Dibble’ Toal
  5. Badminton Dave
  6. Conor ‘Conns’ Kerr and Roy ‘The Hitman’ Ballentine
  7. Chris ‘Macky’ McClelland
  8. Ricky ‘The Tank’ Boyd
  9. Aaron ‘The Link’ Armstrong and Keith ‘The Dictator’ Anderson
  10. Micheal ‘Fearless’ Jackson
  11. Craig ‘ Missile’ Cupper
  12. Nigel ‘Ripper’ Irwin
  13. Steve ‘Stridder’ Kennedy and Keith ‘Side Step’ Baldrick
  14. The Hips Bjorn O’Brien
  15. Peter ‘Twinkle Toes’ Tees

UUc 2’s

1. Simon Morgan
2. Scott Stevenson
3. Mark kernaghan
4. William wadell
5. Andrew Chestnutt
6. Joseph McKinney
7. Aaron doherty
8. Kyle Hetherington
9. Phil Leckey
10. Scotts Mucker
11. Matt hill
12. Ryan gilmore
13. Nathan McCall
14. Gareth bell
15. William mccaughan
In true exiles style, the warm up was a hard hitting and exhausting as demonstarted by UUC Fullback Will McCaughan and Exiles cornor stone prop Phats.
This as it is always is, a fast flowing game of rugby a credit to the spririt of Exiles rugby, on the day the referee compared it to being played in the spirit of Barbarians Rugby, quick taps from 5 metre line saw Aaron Armstrong run the length of the pitch to score under the posts. It was a tight physical game, and the UUC 2’s played a very well structured game, but the level heads and sound defences of the Exiles kept the students at bay for most of the game.
Final Score
UUC2’s 24
Dream Team 45
Exiles Dream Team Man Of The Match Gareth ‘Dibble’ Toal
UUC 2’s Man Of The Match Scot ‘Randy’ Steveson

Presisdents Game
Presisdent Select Exiles
  1. Granda
  2. Jeremy Baird
  3. James Blair
  4. Chris Mills
  5. Rory Clifford
  6. Andy Harbinson/Ricky Boyd
  7. Allan Keatley
  8. Aaron Mcloughlin
  9. Jamie Ball
  10. Jhonny Ssmith
  11. John Black
  12. Tim Shaw
  13. Murdo
  14. Nathan Mccall
  15. Andrew Tees.

UUC 1’s

  1. Jamie Wilkoson
  2. Marty O’niell
  3. Scot Stevenson
  4. John Lutton
  5. Daniel Morgan
  6. Kyle Hetherington
  7. Micheal Dunleavy
  8. Pete Smith
  9. Lee Murphy
  10. Andrew Winder
  11. Dave McCullough (its somebody else but I can’t remember who, so he’ll do lol)
  12. Dave Orr
  13. Matt Hill
  14. Richard Murphy
  15. Alan Whitcroft

This was a tight, physical and highly paced game which saw two teams trying to physically domainate each other at every cost so much so Micheal Dunleavy and Chris Mills ended up with yellow cards and 10 mins in the sin bin. Both teams competed hard but such was the ferocity of the game the exiles lost 5 players in total over the course of the game, and in the true spirit of exiles rugby Kevin the referee from the 2’s game came onto the wing to help out the exiles!

Final Score

UUC 1’s 24

Exiles 14

Exiles Man Of The Match Chris Mills

UUC 1’s Man Of The Match Micheal Dunleavy

It was a fantastic day for everyone, and one that shall grow from here on in……

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