Order of events: Exiles 2018

Exiles planning for the Bank Holiday Weekend!

Friday Golf 2.30pm Tee Off. If you aren’t playing come a long and caddy or use words of encouragement.

After the golf we are convening at The Anchor Complex Portstewart for the catch up, evening meals and banter.

Saturday – Players arrive for 12noon.

First Game Kicks off 1pm Sharp for the UUC 2s Vs Exiles Dream Team.

Mixed Tag 1.30pm.

UUC 1s vs Exiles President Select XV kicks off 2.30pm sharp.

Cafe2U Coleraine will be pitch side for Coffees, soft drinks and sandwiches.

Beer Tent beside Rugby 1.

Saturday Evening – Gala Dinner meeting at 6.30pm at Students Union Coleraine. Down below the riverside theatre and too the left.

Seating in the Diamond Hall is at 7.30pm

9.30pm – Those who are not attending the Dinner there is an after party for everyone in the students union running on a late licence.

Sunday – For those brave enough to survive the weekend we are meeting up again in the Anchor Bar Portstewart all day for quality food drinks and company!





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