UUC vs Carrick.RFC

This weekend saw The University of Ulster Coleraine Rugby Club, start their league campaign off with a strong win over Carrickfergus RFC. Battling through the tough weather conditions the students secured a 20:13 win.

The game started in favour of UUC with a series of quick passes resulting in Sam Hall sprinting past the Carrick defence, leaving them all behind to score a well deserved try within the first 2 minutes. This was successfully converted by Alan Whitcroft despite the strong winds.

After the restart UUC continued their attack on Carrick and made their way towards the touch line with a series of efficient manoeuvres. UUC challenged the opposition for another try; however poor discipline from Carrick resulted in a penalty being awarded to the students which was again achieved by Whitcroft. This left the score at 10:0 in favour of the UUC.

The students continued to share a lesson in rugby with the visitors. A precise kick by Calum Rowden gave Carrick a lineout which was successfully stolen by Michael Dunleavy of UUC. This led to a quick series of passes across the pitch allowing Peter Smith to score in the corner adding more points for UUC. The conversion was achieved by Whitcroft.  Further poor discipline by Carrick resulted in a UUC penalty. This left the half time score at 20:0 to UUC.

After half time the weather worsened again with strong wind and rain. However the students battled on. Carrick came back to try and repair the damage from the first half, which resulted in some aggressive play. A few injuries were picked up leaving both sides with 14 players. A series of pick-and-go moves left UUC challenging for another try however the ball was turnover by Carrick, and poor discipline then resulted in a Carrick penalty which was achieved. The score was at 20:3.

Carrick were made to work hard for the next ten minutes unsuccessfully trying to break the UUC defence. A gap in the defence line allowed Carrick to push over for their first try of the game which was converted. The score stood at 20:10.

Towards the end of the game Carrick began to tire and frustration from the UUC side at a number of questionable decisions resulted in a final penalty awarded to Carrick. The final score stood at 20:13 in favour of UUC.

Next Saturday UUC hope to start their Cup campaign with a similar show of strength, when Omagh RFC travel to Cromore Road to face the students.

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